Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Cyrano De Bergerac original soundtrack recording - music by Jean-Claude Petit

Released: 1990; Composed By, Directed By, Orchestrated By – Jean-Claude Petit

What makes this soundtrack so engaging is that it resides in the admirable conjunction between sense and expression, poetry and lyricism. Such level of balance demands a total immersion in the script and this factor was fantastically resolved.

The music is gentle, sweeping, adventuresome, and just right for the film. It underscores the movie without calling attention to itself, and accentuates the emotions on the screen. Whether we're witnessing Cyrano fence a loud mouth snooty fop, or defending his beloved Roxanne from the unwanted attentions of another Parisian, the music holds its place, and speaks only when needed.

It's a glamorous and potent musical statement.

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