Sunday, June 26, 2022

Music From and Inspired By the Robert Altman Film Short Cuts


The Short Cuts Soundtrack was released in 1993 as the soundtrack album for the film Short Cuts. The album was released by the Imago Recording Company.

Several well-known musicians provided material for this album, including Bono and The Edge from U2, Elvis Costello and Iggy Pop. Michael Stipe from R.E.M. makes a guest vocal appearance on one track.

Most of the songs are performed by jazz singer Annie Ross, who appears in the film. Actress Lori Singer performs cello on three classical compositions.

1 sound effect – Open On Helicopters

2 Annie Ross & The Low Note Quintet– Conversation On A Barstool

3 Annie Ross & The Low Note Quintet– To Hell With Love

4 Annie Ross & The Low Note Quintet– Punishing Kiss

5 Lori Singer & The Trout Quartet– Cello Concerto In B Minor

6 Annie Ross & The Low Note Quintet– Blue

7 Annie Ross & The Low Note Quintet– Evil California (These Blues)

8 Lori Singer– "Berceuse" From "The Firebird Suite"

9 Annie Ross & The Low Note Quintet– A Thousand Years

10 Lori Singer & The Trout Quartet– Cello Concerto No. 2, Opus 30

11 Annie Ross & The Low Note Quintet– Imitation Of A Kiss

12 Annie Ross & The Low Note Quintet– Full Moon

13 Annie Ross & The Low Note Quintet– I Don't Know You

14 The Low Note Quintet– Nothing Can Stop Me Now

15 sound effect  – Earthquake

Ending Credit Music Medley :

16a Annie Ross & The Low Note Quintet– Prisoner Of Life

16b Annie Ross & The Low Note Quintet– I'm Gonna Go Fishin'

17 Thomas Tree & Cory J. Coppage – How Does She Do It So Quickly?

Short Cuts

Wednesday, June 8, 2022

David Byrne ‎– Lead Us Not Into Temptation - Music From The Film Young Adam


Mostly composed of obliquely lyrical chamber music, “Lead Us Not Into Temptation” is the album realization of David Byrne’s score to David Mackenzie’s film “Young Adam” (starring Ewan McGregor and Tilda Swinton). And by any judge, this is lovely chamber music indeed; the intimate, blue-hued arrangements are abstractly evocative, with aching, then arching string melodies. The urbane cover of jazz titan Charles Mingus’ raucous “Haitian Fight Song” seems incongruous here, even if it’s ideal for the film. But the main cues have a nicely haunting quality, and the hymn-like vocal tracks “Speechless” and, especially, “The Great Western Road” will please fans of the erstwhile Talking Head’s more pensive side. An Academy Award winner for his contribution to the score to “The Last Emperor,” Byrne obviously has his soundtrack bona fides. This disc’s instrumental invention does surprise. (Billboard review)

Body In A River 2:52

Mnemonic Discordance 2:43

Seaside Smokes 3:08

Canal Life 2:28

Locks & Barges 2:00

Haitian Fight Song 2:50

Sex On The Docks 4:25

Inexorable 2:20

Warm Sheets 3:01

Dirty Hair 4:48

Bastard 2:57

The Lodger 4:16

Ineluctable 4:20

Speechless 4:04

The Great Western Road 4:43

Lead Us Not Into Temptation

Thursday, May 26, 2022

Vinyl: Music From The HBO Original Series Volume 1 - various artists


1 Ty Taylor– The World Is Yours 2:58

2 David Johansen– Personality Crisis 3:44

3 Kaleo – No Good 3:55

4 Sturgill Simpson– Sugar Daddy (Theme from Vinyl) 3:45

5 Ruth Brown– Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean 2:57

6 Otis Redding– Mr. Pitiful 2:31

7 Dee Dee Warwick– Suspicious Minds 3:17

8 Mott The Hoople– All the Way from Memphis 4:58

9 David Johansen– Stranded in the Jungle 4:44

10 Chris Kenner– I Like It Like That 1:57

11 Ty Taylor– Cha Cha Twist 2:38

12 The Jimmy Castor Bunch– It's Just Begun 3:43

13 Soda Machine– Want Ads 2:58

14 The Meters– Hand Clapping Song 2:55

15 Soda Machine– Slippin' into Darkness 3:45

16 The Edgar Winter Group– Frankenstein 4:46

17 Nasty Bits– Rotten Apple 2:12

18 Foghat– I Just Want to Make Love to You 4:19


Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Elmer Bernstein – The Magnificent Seven (Original Motion Picture Score)


The Magnificent Seven is a 1960 American Western film directed by John Sturges. The screenplay by William Roberts is a remake – in an Old West–style – of Akira Kurosawa's 1954 Japanese film Seven Samurai (initially released in the United States as The Magnificent Seven). The ensemble cast includes Yul Brynner, Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson, Robert Vaughn, Brad Dexter, James Coburn, and Horst Buchholz as a group of seven gunfighters, and Eli Wallach as their main antagonist. The seven title characters are hired to protect a small village in Mexico from a group of marauding bandits, led by Wallach.

The film's score is by Elmer Bernstein. Along with the readily recognized main theme and effective support of the story line, the score also contains allusions to twentieth-century symphonic works, such as the reference to Bartok's Concerto for Orchestra, second movement, in the tense quiet scene just before the shoot out. The original soundtrack was not released at the time until re-used and re-recorded by Bernstein for the soundtrack of Return of the Seven. Electric guitar cover versions by Al Caiola in the U.S. and John Barry in the U.K. were successful on the popular charts. At the 33rd Academy Awards, the score was nominated for Best Score of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture.

Bernstein's score has frequently been quoted in the media and popular culture. Starting in 1963, the theme was used in commercials in the U.S. for Marlboro cigarettes for many years. A similar-sounding (but different) tune was used for Victoria Bitter beer in Australia. The theme was included in a scene of the James Bond film Moonraker.

1 Main Title And Calvera

2 Council

3 Quest

4 Strange Funeral / After The Brawl

5 Vin's Luck

6 And Then There Were Two

7 Fiesta

8 Stalking

9 Worst Shot

10 The Journey

11 Toro

12 Training

13 Calvera's Return

14 Calvera Routed

15 Ambush

16 Petra's Declaration

17 Bernardo

18 Surprise

19 Defeat

20 Crossroads

21 Harry's Mistake

22 Calvera Killed

23 Finale

The Magnificent Seven

Sunday, May 1, 2022

The Chieftains – "Reel Music" The Film Scores - music composed and arranged by Paddy Moloney


Treasure Island

1 Opening March 1:00

2 Loyals March 1:45

3 Island Theme 2:28

4 Setting Sail 2:38

5 French Leave 2:00

6 Blind Pew 2:05

7 Treasure Cave 2:10

8 The Hispanola / Silver And Loyal's March 3:30

Barry Lyndon

9 Love Theme (O'riada / Moloney) 3:29

Three Wishes For Jamie

10 Love Theme 1:49

11 The Matchmaking 1:13

12 Mountain Fall / Main Theme 1:50

Tristan And Isolde

13 Love Theme 2:12

14 March Of The King Of Cornwall 2:13

15 The Falcon 1:37

16 Escape And Chase 3:56

17 The Departure 3:28

The Grey Fox

18 Main Theme 6:00

The Year Of The French

19 The French March 2:35

20 Cooper's Tune / The Bolero 2:08

21 Closing Theme And March 3:27

Reel Music

Monday, April 25, 2022

Maurice Jarre ‎– A Walk In The Clouds (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


A Walk in the Clouds is the original soundtrack recording of the 1995 Golden Globe-winning film A Walk in the Clouds starring Keanu Reeves, Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, Anthony Quinn, Giancarlo Giannini and Debra Messing. Released on the Milan Records label, the original score and songs were composed by Maurice Jarre, except "Crush the grapes" and the famous "Mariachi Serenade,” which were composed by Leo Brouwer (music) and Alfonso Arau (lyrics). The film won the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score.

Victoria 7:29

Butterfly Wings 2:54

The Harvest 3:01

Crush The Grapes 2:17

First Kiss 3:15

Mariachi Serenade 2:49

Fire And Destruction 10:17

A Walk In The Clouds 3:05

A Walk In The Clouds

Saturday, April 16, 2022

Peter Gabriel – Passion - Music For The Last Temptation Of Christ


Passion (re-released as Passion: Music for The Last Temptation of Christ) is an album released in 1989 by the English singer-songwriter Peter Gabriel. It was the first Peter Gabriel album to be released on Real World Records. It is his second soundtrack and eighth album overall. It was originally composed as the soundtrack album for the film The Last Temptation of Christ, but Gabriel spent several months after the film's release further developing the music, finally releasing it as a full-fledged album instead of a movie soundtrack. It is seen as a landmark in the popularisation of world music, and won a Grammy Award for Best New Age Album in 1990. 

As the soundtrack for the film, Gabriel used the resources of WOMAD, an organization he founded, to bring together musicians from the Middle East, Africa, Europe and South Asia. He worked with them to create music meant to enhance the mood of the film, but he also added a modern ambient musical touch to the original pieces, producing a musical work that has influenced many musicians. Passion introduced many listeners to such artists as Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Youssou N'Dour, L. Shankar, and Baaba Maal.

Released: Jun 6, 1989

Genre: Electronic, Rock, Stage & Screen

Style: Soundtrack, Tribal, Ambient

1 The Feeling Begins 3:59

2 Gethsemane 1:25

3 Of These, Hope 3:55

4 Lazarus Raised 1:25

5 Of These, Hope (Reprise) 2:44

6 In Doubt 1:32

7 A Different Drum 4:40

8 Zaar 4:53

9 Troubled 2:55

10 Open 3:27

11 Before Night Falls 2:19

12 With This Love 3:39

13 Sandstorm 3:02

14 Stigmata 2:27

15 Passion 7:38

16 With This Love (Choir) 3:20

17 Wall Of Breath 2:29

18 The Promise Of Shadows 2:13

19 Disturbed 3:35

20 It Is Accomplished 2:55

21 Bread And Wine 2:19

Passion - Music For The Last Temptation Of Christ

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Saturday, March 26, 2022

Henry Mancini – The Music From Peter Gunn (TV Series)


Peter Gunn was an American private eye television series, starring Craig Stevens as Peter Gunn with Lola Albright as his girlfriend Edie Hart. The series aired on NBC from September 22, 1958 to 1960 and on ABC in 1960–1961. The series was created by Blake Edwards, who, on occasion, was also writer (for 39 episodes) and director (for nine episodes).

Peter Gunn is notable for being the first televised detective program whose character was created for television, instead of adapted from other media. The series is probably best remembered today for its music, including the "Peter Gunn Theme", which was nominated for an Emmy Award and two Grammys for Henry Mancini. Subsequently it was performed and recorded by many jazz, rock and blues musicians. 

The show's use of modern jazz music was a distinctive touch that helped set the standard for many years to come, with cool jazz themes accompanying every move Gunn made. The music, composed by Henry Mancini, was performed by a small jazz ensemble which included a number of prominent Los Angeles-based jazz and studio musicians. Trumpeter Pete Candoli, alto saxophonist Ted Nash, flutist Ronny Lang, trombonist Dick Nash, and pianist and future composer John Williams provided most of the improvised jazz solos. Williams plays the piano part on the title music ostinato.

Prominent jazz musicians occasionally made on-screen appearances. Trumpeter Shorty Rogers appeared in the episode titled "The Frog" playing flugelhorn as Lola sings "How High the Moon". Drummer Shelly Manne, in addition to performing on the soundtrack album, was credited with a Special Guest role in the 1959 episode "Keep Smiling" playing drums in the "Bamboo Club" combo. Brazilian guitarist Laurindo Almeida plays guitar as himself in the 1959 episode "Skin Deep".

In his autobiography Did They Mention the Music? Mancini stated: "The Peter Gunn title theme actually derives more from rock and roll than from jazz. I used guitar and piano in unison, playing what is known in music as an ostinato, which means obstinate. It was sustained throughout the piece, giving it a sinister effect, with some frightened saxophone sounds and some shouting brass. The piece has one chord throughout and a super-simple top line."

1 Peter Gunn
2 Sorta Blue
3 The Brothers Go To Mother's
4 Dreamsville
5 Session At Pete's Pad
6 Soft Sounds
7 Fallout!
8 The Floater
9 Slow And Easy
10 A Profound Gass
11 Brief And Breezy
12 Not From Dixie
Bonus Tracks
13 Walkin' Bass
14 Blue Steel
15 Spook!
16 Blues For Mother's

The Music From Peter Gunn

Saturday, March 19, 2022

various artists - Dream With the Fishes - soundtrack compilation


Dream with the Fishes was writer/director Finn Taylor's directorial debut in 1997. The film follows a suicidal man who forms a friendship with a terminally ill man. Taylor has claimed that the film is loosely autobiographical. Taylor himself once spent six years traveling around the country with a friend. In one interview, Taylor claimed, "When I was 19, I contemplated suicide and attempted to hold up a drug store." The film debuted at the Sundance Film Festival, and would go on to earn $460,000 in limited release. The film also received a relatively positive reception from critics. Roger Ebert said that the film, "shows some of the signs of unchained ambition." The Los Angeles Times said "of all the towering blockbusters this summer, 'Dream With The Fishes' has more heart than the lot of them."

Dream With The Fishes Soundtrack:

Released: 1998

1 Nick Drake– River Man

2 Tindersticks– El Diablo En El Ojo

3 Greg Brown – Sadness

4 Jeremy Toback– Word Behind The Words

5 Jeremy Enigk– Abegail Anne

6 Cal Tjader– Soul Sauce

7 Squirrel Nut Zippers– Blue Angel

8 Leroy & The Drivers– The Sad Chicken

9 Grandaddy– Why Would I Want To Die

10 Ear Two Thousand– Coming Home

11 Ween– I'm Holding You

12 Chaser– Billy Away

13 The Waterboys– Fisherman's Blues

Dream With the Fishes

Friday, March 11, 2022

Giorgio Moroder - Midnight Express (Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


Midnight Express is a 1978 prison drama film directed by Alan Parker, produced by David Puttnam and written by Oliver Stone, based on Billy Hayes's 1977 non-fiction book Midnight Express. It stars Brad Davis, Irene Miracle, Bo Hopkins, Paolo Bonacelli, Paul L. Smith, Randy Quaid, Norbert Weisser, Peter Jeffrey and John Hurt.

Released on October 6, 1978, by Casablanca Records, the soundtrack to Midnight Express was composed by Italian synth-pioneer Giorgio Moroder. The score won the Academy Award for Best Original Score in 1979.

1        Chase    8:26
2        Love's Theme    5:34
3        (Theme From) Midnight Express    4:41
4        Istanbul Blues 3:20
5        The Wheel    2:25
6        Istanbul Opening    4:44
7        Cacaphoney    2:57
8        (Theme From) Midnight Express 4:47

 Midnight Express


Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Kitaro – Toyo's Camera - Japanese American History During WWII - (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


Tōyō Miyatake (宮武東洋, Miyatake Tōyō; 1895–1979) was a Japanese American photographer, best known for his photographs documenting the Japanese American people and the Japanese American internment at Manzanar during World War II.

In 2009, the film Toyo's Camera was released, documenting the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II through the perspective of the photographer's images. It was narrated by George Takei, with music by Kitaro.

The soundtrack consists of several tracks taken from various Kitaro albums.

1        Planet    2:34
2        Estrella    4:21
3        Fairy Of Water    4:22
4        The Field    4:54
5        The Scroll Is Read    4:05
6        Satobiki    9:17
7        Wave Of Sand    4:48
8        Nageki    5:45
9        A Passage Of Life    8:00
10        Silk Road    7:52
11        Golden Mask    2:33
12        Heaven And Earth    11:18

Track Information:
Planet: from the album "Mandala"
Estrella: from the album "Thinking Of You"
Fairy Of Water, Wave Of Sand & Golden Mask: from the album "An Ancient Journey"
The Field: from the album "The Light Of The Spirit"
The Scroll Is Read: from the album "The Soong Sisters"
Satobiki: from the album "Gaia Onbashira"
Nageki: from the album "Kojiki"
A Passage Of Life: from the album "Dream"
Silk Road & Heaven And Earth: from the album "Daylight, Moonlight: Live In Yakushiji"

Toyo's Camera

Friday, February 25, 2022

Erskineville Kings: Soundtrack to the Motion Picture - music by various artists


Erskineville Kings is a 1999 Australian drama film directed and produced by Alan White. The film was produced by Radical Media made for Palace Films on a minimal budget. It was released on 1 January 1999.

The lead actor, Hugh Jackman, in his film debut, won the Film Critics Circle of Australia award for Best Male Actor.

The soundtrack is a compilation of tracks by Australian artists and theme music composed by Don Miller Robinson.

Label:    Air Recordings – AIR9
Country:    Australia
Released:    1999
Genre:    Rock
Style:    Alternative Rock, Art Rock, Power Pop, Post-Punk

1    Green Bears (dialogue)    0:53
2    The Craw –    Too Wild 4:15
3    Died Pretty–    Winterland 4:24
4    The Stems–    Tears Me In Two 3:21
5    Sunnyboys–    Alone With You 4:01
6    Nick Barker –    Fence Building 3:11
7    Wet Taxis–    Sailors Dream 3:53
8    Penny Flanagan–    Lap It Up 3:25
9    Died Pretty–    Everybody Moves 4:48
10    The Faith –    Wild Changes 4:24
11    Nick Barker –    Gold 2:48
12    Don Miller Robinson*–    Erskineville Kings Theme 4:46
13    Don Miller Robinson*–    Barkys Theme 1:20
14    Don Miller Robinson*–    Melancholy Theme 4:02

Erskineville Kings


Monday, February 21, 2022

Some Like It Hot (Original Music From The Motion Picture Sound Track) expanded edition _ Adolph Deutsch,Barney Kessell,Marilyn Monroe


Some Like It Hot (Original Film Soundtrack 1959)   
1    Marilyn Monroe Accompanied By Matty Malneck And His Orchestra–    Runnin' Wild
2    Adolph Deutsch And His Orchestra–    Sugar Blues / Runnin' Wild
3    The Society Syncopators*–    Down Among The Sheltering Palms
4    Unknown Artist–    Randolph Street Rag
5    Marilyn Monroe Accompanied By Matty Malneck And His Orchestra–    I Wanna Be Loved By You
6    Adolph Deutsch And His Orchestra–    Park Avenue Fantasy
7    Adolph Deutsch And His Orchestra–    Down Among The Sheltering Palms / La Cumprasita - I Wanna Be Loved By You
8    Marilyn Monroe Accompanied By Matty Malneck And His Orchestra–    I'm Through With Love
9    Adolph Deutsch And His Orchestra–    Sugar Blues / Tell The Whole Darn World
10    Adolph Deutsch–    Play It Again Charlie
11    Matty Malneck And His Orchestra–    Sweet Georgia Brown
12    The Society Syncopators*–    By The Beautiful Sea
13    Adolph Deutsch And His Orchestra–    Park Avenue Fantasy
14    Matty Malneck And His Orchestra–    Some Like It Hot
        Marilyn Monroe   
15    Marilyn Monroe–    Some Like It Hot (Single A Side)
        Barney Kessel Plays Some Like It Hot   
16    Barney Kessel–    Some Like It Hot
17    Barney Kessel–    I Wanna Be Loved By You
18    Barney Kessel–    Stairway To The Stars
19    Barney Kessel–    Sweet Sue - Just You
20    Barney Kessel–    Runnin' Wild
21    Barney Kessel–    Sweet Georgia Brown
22    Barney Kessel–    Down Among The Sheltering Palms
23    Barney Kessel–    Sugar Blues
24    Barney Kessel–    I'm Thru With Love
25    Barney Kessel–    By The Beautiful Sea
        Jack Lemmon Sings And Plays Music From Some Like It Hot   
26    Jack Lemmon–    I'm Thru With Love
27    Jack Lemmon–    Sweet Sue - Just You
28    Jack Lemmon–    I Wanna Be Loved By You
29    Jack Lemmon–    Down Among The Sheltering Palms

 Some Like It Hot


Friday, February 18, 2022

Jean-Claude Petit – Jean de Florette (Original Soundtrack From The Motion Picture)


Jean-Claude Petit (born 14 November 1943) is a French composer and arranger, born in Vaires-sur-Marne. After accompanying jazzmen in his childhood, Petit went to the Conservatoire de Paris, where he studied harmony and counterpoint. He did the string arrangements for Mink DeVille's Le Chat Bleu album, as well as orchestrating the backing parts to some French pop singles in the mid-to-late 1960s, including those of Erick Saint-Laurent and yé-yé girls Christine Pilzer and Monique Thubert.

In 1973 he composed La leçon de Michette. The song was popular in Italy due to its use in the soundtrack of a well-known Carosello (the Italian TV spot broadcast) from 1973 to 1976.

1979 saw his first major film soundtrack commission (Alexandro Jodorowsky's Tusk), but he had been releasing solo records at least a decade earlier, including at least four for the Chappell Music Library, as well as his album Chez Jean-Claude Petit, released in the early 1970s. In 1976 he collaborated with Pierre Delanoë, Toto Cutugno, Vito Pallavicini in a very popular and funky music for Mireille Mathieu called Ciao Bambino, Sorry. In addition, he was a frequent collaborator with French film music composer Jack Arel: the pair's most well-known production, "Psychedelic Portrait", was featured in an episode of the cult TV series The Prisoner. His scores for The Return of the Musketeers (1989) and Cyrano de Bergerac (1990) remain perhaps his best known work internationally. In 1995 he was nominated for a Victoires de la Musique award in soundtrack of the year for L'Etudiante Etranger. 

Jean de Florette was released in 1986.

1        Jean De Florette    2:51
2        Les Oeillets    2:00
3        L'eau    0:49
4        Le Corbillard    1:08
5        Les Pieds Dans L'eau    1:24
6        Florette    1:32
7        Les Lapins, L'australie    1:16
8        L'arrivee    2:20
9        Les Graines    1:43
10        Les Plus Dur Est Fait    2:17
11        Les Artistes    0:35
12        L'orage    3:22
13        Baptistine    1:49
14        Les Romarins    1:53
15        La Secheresse    2:06
16        L'accident    1:30
17        L'enterrement    1:31
18        Le Miel    1:12
19        Generique Fin    3:33

Wednesday, February 9, 2022

Roque Baños – The Girl In The Spider's Web (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


Roque Baños López (born 1 May 1968) is a Spanish music composer. Baños graduated from Boston's Berklee College of Music in 1995 and has since scored both Spanish and English-language films. He has received numerous awards for his compositional work, including the Spanish Goya Award for Best Original Score in both 2008 and 2009.

1        Prologue - Lisbeth's Childhood    5:08
2        Main Title - The Birth Of A Dragon    1:36
3        Lisbeth's Lair    1:53
4        You Have A Sister    3:12
5        NSA Attack    3:17
6        Lisbeth Tries Firefall    1:22
7        Nightmare / Home Invasion    3:08
8        Motorcycle Chase    3:09
9        Elevators Meeting    2:57
10        Balder's Apartment    3:11
11        Tattoo Looking Glass    3:35
12        Balder Shot    3:34
13        Chasing August    2:18
14        Drawbridge Encounter    4:04
15        Firefall Answer    2:24
16        Airport Needham Free    5:55
17        Lisbeth Goes In    2:07
18        Invading Family Home    3:00
19        Masks Fight    3:23
20        Vacuum Bag    3:04
21        Remote Fire    5:10
22        You Can't Blame Me    4:33
23        Burning The Past    2:06
24        Lisbeth's Theme 1:50
25        Camilla's Theme 1:58

 The Girl In The Spider's Web

Sunday, January 30, 2022

Ad Astra (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) - music by Max Richter, Lorne Balfe, Nils Frahm ‎


–Max Richter     To The Stars     3:30
–Max Richter     Encounter     5:18
–Max Richter     Cosmic Drone Gateway     2:57
–Max Richter     I Put All That Away     3:27
–Max Richter     A Trip To The Moon     4:36
–Max Richter     Terra Incognita     2:49
–Max Richter     Ex Luna Scientia - Requiem     5:17
–Max Richter     Journey Sequence     3:20
–Max Richter     The Rings Of Saturn     2:57
–Max Richter     The Wanderer     4:50
–Max Richter     Erbarme Dich     3:38
–Max Richter     Forced Entry     2:27
–Max Richter     Preludium     4:02
–Max Richter     Resonantia     3:00
–Max Richter     Let There Be Light     2:18
–Max Richter     Ursa Minor - Visions     3:14
–Max Richter     Event Horizon     6:13
–Max Richter     Musurgia Universalis     3:05
–Max Richter     You Have To Let Me Go     5:56
–Max Richter     Tuesday (Voiceless)     21:08
–Lorne Balfe     Opening     2:37
–Lorne Balfe     Briefing     2:32
–Lorne Balfe     Space Journey     2:39
–Lorne Balfe     Rover Ride     2:51
–Lorne Balfe     Pirate Attack     2:48
–Lorne Balfe     Orbs     3:44
–Lorne Balfe     Underground Lake     2:15
–Lorne Balfe     Trip To Neptune     5:02
–Nils Frahm     Says     8:18

 Ad Astra

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Sunday, January 23, 2022

The Terminator - original motion picture soundtrack (remastered by Brad Fiedel)

1        Main Title    2:40
2        Terminator Arrival / Reese Chased / Sarah On Motorbike    7:09
3        Terminator Gets Guns / Search For Sarah    1:13
4        Reese Dreams Of Future War    1:51
5        Sarah Watches News / Tech Noir    1:23
6        Matt & Ginger Killed / Sarah Calls Detectives    7:55
7        Reese & Sarah in Garage    4:34
8        Arm & Eye Surgery    3:45
9        "I'll Be Back" / Police Station & Escape    3:46
10        Future Flashback    3:47
11        "F**k You Asshole"    1:09
12        Love Scene    2:29
13        Tunnel Chase    5:13
14        Death By Fire / Terminator Gets Up    2:36
15        Factory Chase    3:57
16        End Credits: Final Suite    10:32
17        The Terminator Theme (Extended Version)    4:20

 The Terminator

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

John Williams – Close Encounters Of The Third Kind (40th Anniversary Remastered Edition)


Close Encounters of the Third Kind (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is the film score to the 1977 film of the same name, composed and conducted by John Williams. The original soundtrack album was released on vinyl album (with a gatefold sleeve), 8-track tape and audio cassette by Arista Records in 1977, with a total running time of 41 minutes (it was later released on compact disc in 1990). The soundtrack album was a commercial success, peaking at #17 on the US Billboard album chart in February 1978 and was certified Gold by the RIAA for 500,000 copies shipped. It also peaked at #40 in the UK album charts.

Following the twentieth anniversary re-release of the film in 1998, a new expanded soundtrack was released on compact disc by Arista. The "Collector's Edition Soundtrack" was made using 20-bit digital remastering from the original tapes, and contained 26 tracks totaling 77 minutes of music. The CD also comes with extensive liner notes, including an interview with Williams. Cues are given new titles, and it also contains previously unreleased material, as well as material that was recorded but never used in the film. La-La Land Records reissued the soundtrack on November 28, 2017, in recognition of the film's fortieth anniversary.

The score features some of Williams' most complex and modernistic writing, making use of extended orchestral techniques and atonality.

Expanded Soundtrack Presentation   
1-1        Main Title And The Vision     1:29
1-2        Navy Planes     2:15
1-3        Lost Squadron     2:34
1-4        Trucking     2:09
1-5        Into The Tunnel And Chasing Ufos    3:56
1-6        Crescendo Summit    1:25
1-7        False Alarm And The Helicopter    4:20
1-8        Barry’s Kidnapping    6:22
1-9        Forming The Mountain    1:58
1-10        TV Reveals / Across Country    2:53
1-11        The Mountain    3:36
1-12        The Cover-up And Base Camp    3:56
1-13        The Escape    2:20
1-14        Climbing The Mountain    2:36
1-15        Outstretched Hands    2:50
1-16        The Light Show    3:47
1-17        Barnstorming    4:31
1-18        The Mothership    4:35
1-19        The Dialogue     4:28
1-20        The Returnees    3:58
1-21        The Appearance Of The Visitors 4:56
1-22        Contact    3:22
1-23        End Titles 4:27

        Alternates And Additional Music   
2-1        Main Title    1:18
2-2        Roy’s First Encounter     2:44
2-3        Encounter At Crescendo Summit    1:25
2-4        Chasing UFOs    1:22
2-5        Watching The Skies     1:20
2-6        Vision Takes Shape     0:42
2-7        Another Vision     0:42
2-8        False Alarm     1:45
2-9        The Abduction Of Barry    4:36
2-10        The Cover-up    2:31
2-11        TV Reveals    1:52
2-12        Roy And Jillian On The Road    1:20
2-13        I Can’t Believe It’s Real    3:25
2-14        Across The Fields    1:20
2-15        Stars And Trucks    0:49
2-16        Who Are You People?    1:38
2-17        The Escape (Alternate)    2:41
2-18        Climbing Devils Tower    2:11
2-19        Dark Side Of The Moon     1:34
2-20        The Approach     4:32
2-21        Night Siege    6:27
2-22        The Conversation    2:23
2-23        Inside 2:34
2-24        Contact (Alternate)     2:51
2-25        Eleventh Commandment     2:00
2-26        TV Western     1:06
2-27        Lava Flow     1:47
2-28        The Five Tones     2:25
2-29        Advance Scout Greeting     2:58
2-30        The Dialogue (Early Version)     3:12
2-31        Resolution And End Title    6:55

 Close Encounters of the Third Kind

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Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Henry Mancini - Soundtracks Collection - "Breakfast At Tiffany's" & "Arabesque"


        Breakfast At Tiffany's   
1        Moon River    2:44
2        Something For Cat    3:11
3        Sally's Tomato    3:08
4        Mr Yunioshi    2:33
5        The Big Blow Out    2:30
6        Hub Caps And Tail Lights    2:32
7        Breakfast At Tiffany's    2:48
8        Latin Golightly    2:58
9        Holly    3:21
10        Loose Caboose    3:12
11        The Big Heist    3:10
12        Moon River Cha Cha    2:37
13        Arabesque    2:16
14        We've Loved Before - Yasmin's Theme (Instrumental)    2:55
15        Ascot    1:55
16        Dream Street    3:53
17        Façade    3:19
18        Something For Sophia    2:36
19        We've Loved Before - Yasmin's Theme (Vocal)    2:48
20        Shower Of Paradise    2:36
        The Zoo Chase   
21        Part 1: Arabesque Theme    2:19
22        Part 2: Aquarium Scene    2:28
23        Part 3: Arabesque Theme (Reprise)    1:02
24        Bagdad On Thames    3:01

 Breakfast At Tiffany's" & "Arabesque

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Tuesday, January 4, 2022

JoJo Rabbit (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Michael Giacchino and various artists


1    The Beatles–    Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand    2:27
2    Lecuona Cuban Boys–    Tabú    3:11
3    Ella Fitzgerald, Chick Webb And His Orchestra–    The Dipsy Doodle    3:10
4    Tom Waits–    I Don't Wanna Grow Up    2:31
5    Love–    Everybody's Gotta Live    3:20
6    Roy Orbison–    Mama    2:46
7    David Bowie–    Helden (1989 Remix) [2002 Remaster]    3:39
8    Michael Giacchino–    Jojo's Theme (Score)    3:54
9    The Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra, The Roger Wagner Chorale–Waltz & Chorus From "Faust" (Act II)4:19
10    Michael Giacchino–    A Butterfly's Wings (Score)    1:17
11    Michael Giacchino–    Rosie's Nocturne (Score)    2:37
12    Die Wiener Sängerknaben, Gerald Wirth & Salonorchester Alt Wien–Frühlingsstimmen, Op. 410

 JoJo Rabbit

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