Sunday, November 28, 2010

Paper Tiger 1974 original by Roy Budd

Roy Budd's score to this 1974 drama starring David Niven, Toshiro Mifune and Ronald Fraser. 16 tracks, including contributions from the Ray Conniff Singers, with a dance-able jazz feel throughout, as well as a touch of the Orient. All tracks are remastered and the last two are bonus remixes of Main Theme From Paper Tiger (Instrumental and Vocal Version).

Get Carter (1971).........Roy Budd

One of the more iconic film scores of the early 70's, Roy Budd's "Get Carter" is an iconic jazz infused mob score that hits all the right places in crafting a seedy yet cool atmosphere where bravado lives. The main theme is instantly recognizable and was even reused by Tyler Bates for the Sylvester Stallone remake. The tone is set up with that opening them and what follows is a weaving of songs and jazzy score from Roy Budd with some help from Jack Fishman on some of the songs....(text source from Amazon)

The Power of One.....Hans Zimmer

This now out of print soundtrack combines African rhythms and harmonies with Hans Zimmer's respected talent as a composer to produce a most majestic, powerful and uplifting score that is essential to the movie and also stands alone as a piece of beautiful music to listen to.

1. The Rainmaker
2. Mother Africa
3. Of Death And Dying
4. Limpopo River Song - Bulawayo Church Choir
5. The Power Of One - Teddy Pendergrass
6. Woza Mfana
7. Southland Concerto - J. Clegg
8. Senzenina - J. Clegg
9. Penny Whistle Song
10. The Funeral Song - Bulawayo Church Choir
11. Wangal Unozipho - Bulawayo Church Choir
12. Mother Africa Reprise

Monday, October 11, 2010

The Big Lebowski (Coen Brothers movie)....original motion picture by various artists

One of the most inspired cobbled-together-from-a-stack-of-records soundtrack albums since Pulp Fiction, The Big Lebowski matches the goofily ramshackle spirit of the Dude, the hero of its celluloid companion. While offering Bob Dylan's luv-addled "Man in Me" together with the Gipsy Kings' redefinitive "Hotel California" and the psychedelic-era Kenny Rogers nugget "Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)," Lebowski also gives longer play to some cuts barely sampled in the film, including Elvis Costello's "My Mood Swings." Whether taken as a Coen brothers mix tape, a one-album CD carousel, or an apropos souvenir of one wiggy flick, this is a smart, eclectic buy. --Rickey Wright

1. The Man In Me Bob Dylan
2. Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles Captain Beefheart
3. My Mood Swings Elvis Costello
4. Ataypura Yma Sumac
5. Traffic Boom Piero Piccioni
6. I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good Nina Simone
7. Stamping Ground Moondog
8. Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Is In) Kenny Rogers and The First Edition
9. Volcano Songs: Duets - Walking Song Meredith Monk
10. Gluck Das Mir Verblieb Llona Steingruber
11. Lujon Henry Mancini
12. Hotel California Gipsy Kings
13. Wie Glauben Carter Burwell
14. Dead Flowers Townes Zandt

Barb Wire...original soundtrack

This rare soundtrack features an eclectic mix of tracks including an awesome version of Eric Burdon's "Spill the Wine" by Michael Hutchence plus new versions of "Ca Plane Pour Moi" and "Word Up".

Track list: 1. Welcome to Planet Boom - Tommy Lee, Pamela Anderson Lee 3:58 2. She's So Free - Johnette Napolitano 2:54 3. Spill the Wine - Michael Huntchence 5:51 4. Word Up! - Gun 4:17 5. Don't Call Me Babe - Shampoo 2:58 6. Hot Child in the City - Hagfish 2:34 7. Let's All Go Together - Marion 3:08 8. Dancing Barefoot - Die Cheerleader 3:49 9. Scum - Meat Puppets In Vapourspace 5:38 10. Ca Plane Pour Moi - Mr. Ed Jumps The Gun 2:32 11. None of Your Business [Barb Wire Metal Mix] - Salt 'N' Pepa 3:31

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Albino by Michael Brook

Over the past twenty-five years, Michael Brook has forged his own path, fueled in equal parts by scientific curiosity, the thrill of playing guitar, technical prowess and a fervent interest in music from all over the world. His creative energies and expertise have been tapped over the years by those who recognize Michael as, variously: a record producer; a soundtrack composer; an instrument builder; an inspired collaborator and player; and a solo artist possessed of a unique sensibility.

This is the 1997 soundtrack for a Kevin Spacey directed neo-noir thriller. Brook's work here turns into an interesting blend of his own style and smoky late night jazz interspersed with a variety of other instrumental touches.. It stays with you long after you've forgotten everything about the film. His work is all above par, and this is no exception.
text source ..Amazon
Albino Alligator

Friday, July 23, 2010

After the Deluge...TV mini-series by Cezary Skubiszewski

After the Deluge is the soundtrack to the acclaimed mini-series on Network 10 (featuring David Wenham, Hugo Weaving, Samuel Johnson, Aden Young, Rachel Griffiths and Ray Barrett), by award-winning Australian film composer, Cezary Skubiszewski - of La Spagnola, Bootmen and Two Hands fame. Richly scored for full orchestra and choir, the music effortlessly moves from haunting violin solos, to 40s jazz, Irish airs and the original pop music of the on-screen band featuring one of the main characters...(text source.. )

A River Somewhere..original music from the ABC travel series by Liam Bradley

Music from the TV series by Australian composer and musician Liam Bradley. A hauntingly beautiful and exquisite soundtrack that matches the magic and serenity of the locations in the series. Gentle guitars, violin, banjo, harmonica and piano combine to make this most enjoyable and pleasant to listen to. Ideal as background music for contemplating the world or starting your day on a good note.