Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wonder Boys: Music from the Motion Picture (2000 Film)

Director Curtis Hanson chooses a lineup of vintage rock and R&B for the musical side of his screen adaptation of Michael Chabon's brilliant Wonder Boys. Foremost is Bob Dylan, who contributes the rocker, "Things Have Changed," as well as cuts from Blood on the Tracks, Oh Mercy, and Time Out of Mind. These 13 cuts do a fine job of limning Michael Douglas's lead character's confusion, regret, and weary-to-the-bone ambivalence. Smartly sequenced--soul giants Little Willie John and Clarence Carter fit perfectly alongside the likes of Dylan, Lennon, Van Morrison, and Neil Young--Wonder Boys the album is a stellar example of hand-in-glove movie-music supervision. --Rickey Wright (

1. Things Have Changed - Bob Dylan
2. A Child's Claim to Fame - Buffalo Springfield
3. No Regrets - Tom Rush
4. Old Man - Neil Young
5. Shooting Star - Bob Dylan
6. Reason to Believe - Tim Hardin
7. Need Your Love So Bad - Little Willie John
8. Not Dark Yet - Bob Dylan
9. Slip Away - Clarence Carter
10. Waiting for the Miracle - Leonard Cohen
11. Buckets of Rain - Bob Dylan
12. Watching the Wheels - John Lennon
13. Philosopher's Stone - Van Morrison

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