Monday, February 4, 2013

Dancing At Lughnasa....Bill Whelan

Beautiful music for an endearing film..Bill Whelan's orchestral soundtrack for "Dancing At Lughnasa" is simply gorgeous. The music aptly conveys the feelings of longing, alienation, sadness, and uncertainty, as well as times of joyful exuberance, as revealed by the film's endearing characters. The music also perfectly suggests the transition of the winding-down of summer and the coming of autumn, just as the film's characters also face a severe change of season in their personal lives.Even without the wonderful film, the music that Bill Whelan has created here stands on its own as a cohesive, moving, emotive work. (text source: Amazon)

1. Prologue
2. The Kite
3. The Road To Ballybeg
4. Jack's Arrival
5. The Gander
6. Gerry And Christine
7. Monsignor Carlin
8. A Kiss In The Forest
9. A Black Bike
10. Our Secret
11. The Picnic
12. The Blackberry Bush
13. The Lughnasa Fires
14. Lough Anna
15. Dancing At Lughnasa
16. Don't Leave Me Yet
17. The Splendid Hat
18. Epilogue
19. Down By The Salley Gardens

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