Thursday, October 17, 2013

Empire of the Sun by John Williams...original soundtrack 1987

Empire of the Sun is one of the lesser known scores by John Williams. The score starts off with a wonderful choral arrangement of the Welsh folk tune, 'Suo Gan'. There are two more choral tracks as well, 'Liberation: Exsultate Justi', and 'Exsultate Justi'. They are similar, but are beautifully composed, and prove that Williams is as much a master of choral writing as he is of fanfares and sweet themes.

Williams's own music is quite a mixed grab bag. 'Jim's New Life' is a happy "bustling town" town type piece, while 'The Streets of Shanghai' is a rousing action piece along with the patriotic British march 'The British Grenadiers'

Also worthy of mention is 'Toy Planes, Home And Hearth'. This piece is, quite simply, one of the most beautiful pieces of music I've ever heard. It's simple and elegant, yet masterful, and worth the price of the album alone. This is a must have for all score fans. It's easily on the same level as Williams's other masterworks.

1. Suo Gan
2. Cadillac Of The Skies
3. Jim's New Life
4. Lost In The Crowd
5. Imaginary Air Battle
6. The Return To The City
7. Liberation : Exsultate Justi
8. The British Grenadiers
9. Toy Planes, Home, And Hearth
10. The Streets Of Shanghai
11. The Pheasant Hunt
12. No Road Home / Seeing The Bomb
13. Exsultate Justi

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