Saturday, June 21, 2014

When the Wind Blows original soundtrack..score by Roger Waters plus tracks from other artists

This movie by director Jimmy T.Murakami and from the book by Raymond Briggs portrays an 'English' take on the survival of a nuclear detonation by a ageing couple in a setting anyone will recognise. The first half is almost a public information film on how to survive an atomic blast, but the last half will leave you shocked, saddened and despairing beyond belief. It can move you to tears; its funny, disturbing, hypnotizingly watchable and ultimately soul destroying.

The soundtrack is very interesting and a bit on the eclectic side. There are tracks by Genesis, Paul Hardcastle, David Bowie, Squeeze and Hugh Cornwall, plus the score by Roger Waters which fits well within the context of the movie and is not unlike anything he did with Pink Floyd or on any of his own releases. 

The instrumental shows Phil Collins' superior drumming and is a powerful mood piece. Surprisingly, Hugh Cornwell almost comes across as Roger's disciple in "Facts and Figures," the other good song that Roger didn't do.With Roger's pieces  there is a surprising undercurrent. If nothing else, "Towers of Faith" (his duet with the ever amazing Clare Torry) is worth the price of admission. As for the rest, well, my suggestion is to turn your CD player up rather loud and see if it doesn't give you the chills. Then, when Roger declares (in "Folded Flags) that his life is "in the hands of a second-rate actor" who was then a United States president whose finger was at least metaphorically on the button, tell me if it doesn't make you think twice!

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