Thursday, November 18, 2021

Himalaya, The Rearing Of A Chief..original composed by Bruno Coulais


Himalaya is RICH--with a range of male and female voices singing/chanting in the Tibetan language--and fluidly blended against a background of traditional instruments plus a western orchestra. One of the female vocalists is particularly amazing. The overall result is a very enthralling, lullaby-type of melody. Buddhist-inspired music, without the tedious repetition. Meditate to it. Do yoga. Relax and imagine yourself lost in the Himalayas. This music will put you in the mood. 

The Death Of Lhakpa     3:40
Norbu     2:38
The Salt     2:08
Tinle & The Child     2:56
The Crossing     2:45
The Night     2:13
The Council     2:19
The Walk     1:46
The Songs     1:14
Norbu & Karma     1:31
Karma     2:49
The Lake     3:07
Norbu (Cordes)     1:40
The Ceremony     0:30
Karma's Anger     1:43
The Exhaustion     1:50
Péma's Tears     1:11
The Caravan     2:41
The Tracks     2:10
Tinlé's Death     2:25
Opéra     4:08


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