Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas (Joyeux Noël)...original soundtrack by Philippe Rombi

A special treat for the festive season. This is one of those soundtracks that can not only be listened to at Christmas, but any time of the year.

One of Those Rare Film Soundtracks of Significance....Philippe Rombi is the main composer on this Soundtrack.The entire music excerpts of significance are intact, even the artists who were guests, providing professional opera singers for the voices of the two cinematic actor/singers.

Rombi opens the film about WWI with very eloquent, quiet, lovely solo piano music, and very often he is so sensitive to the message of the film that just when the action looks as though the music should be of the Carmina Burana ilk, Rombi settles for orchestral Adagios. He has elected to use the carols Stille Nacht and Adeste Fidelis for the actor Sprink to sing and uses the voice of the gifted tenor Rolando Villazon to intone the music. To establish the relationship between the two opera singers, Sprink and Anna (Villazon and Natalie Dessay), he has them perform a duet version of Bach's 'Bist du bei mer' - the words of which take on deep meaning as the film progresses. When he has a moment for Anna to sing a solo, he writes his own version of Ave Maria for Anna/Natalie Dessay to sing. It is very lovely.

There are several 'tunes' written for the score - 'Fraternizers' Hymn' ('I'm Dreaming Of Home'), the theme for Anna and Nikolaus - which very well could endure long after the score and film disappear, they are that good.

In all the score is very strong and well played, sung, and conducted. This is a soundtrack that bears attention for lovers of beautiful music.... Grady Harp (Amazon review)

1. Ave Maria London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) 4:24
2. Overture London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) 4:05
3. Hymne des fraternisés (piano) Philippe Rombi 1:26
4. Anna et Nikolaus London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) 2:06
5. La guerre London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) 6:00
6. Enterrement des soldats London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) 3:07
7. Bist du bei mir Philippe Rombi 4:05
8. Stille Nacht Philippe Rombi 4:18
9. La lettre de Jonathan London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) 0:51
10. Les souvenirs de Ponchel London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) 1:18
11. Le match de football Edouard Dubois 1:49
12. Le discours de l'évêque London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) 3:14
13. Le courrier des soldats London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) 1:32
14. War adagio London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) 5:07
15. Thème de l'absence London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) 7:13
16. Hymne des Fraternisés: I'm dreaming of home London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) 4:24
17. Adeste fidelis Philippe Rombi 4:15
18. Invitations: I'm dreaming of home London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) 2:58
19. Anna et Nikolaus (film version including Nuit de Noël) London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) 2:29
20. Aria pour violon et orchestre London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) 3:59
21. Hymne des fraternisés (murmures et vocalises) London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) 4:25

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