Saturday, June 29, 2019

Robocop...original motion picture by Basil Poledouris..remastered edition with extra tracks

When noted Dutch director Paul Verhoeven moved to Hollywood in the mid-'80s, few could have guessed he would embrace the prevailing action film culture with such unabashed enthusiasm. The assaultive, pulp-on-steroids sensibility of Robocop made it a huge success, but came injected with critiques of American TV and pop culture that were often wrapped in the muscular irony of Basil Poledouris' driving, synth-pumped orchestral score. This new edition of the modern sci-fi classic underscores the point with bonus tracks of the film's jangly TV news and commercial parodies, but it's still the industrial crunch of Poledouris' back-to-the-future neo-modernism that take center stage on this digitally remastered deluxe edition. 

Powered by an aggressive performance by a then-newly reformed Sinfonia of London and recorded at legendary Abbey Road (the score's frequent metallic percussion is the studio's fire extinguisher being struck with a hammer), Poledouris' music manages to evoke themes of sacrifice and redemption that are as old as the Bible, yet infuse them with a cold detachment that suggests a future of uncertain humanity. --Jerry McCulley (Amazon review)

Saturday, June 22, 2019

12 Monkeys (Music From The Motion Picture) - music by Paul Buckmaster and various artists

Paul Buckmaster ‎– 12 Monkeys (Music From The Motion Picture)
Year: 1995

–Paul Buckmaster "Introduccion" From Suite Punta Del Este (12 Monkeys Theme) 0:53
–Paul Buckmaster Cole's First Dream / Volunteer Duty / Topside 3:11
–Paul Buckmaster Silent Night 1:07
–Paul Buckmaster Spider Research / "Introduccion" (We Did It) / The Proposition 1:58
–Paul Buckmaster Time Confusion / To The Mental Ward / Planet Ogo 1:52
–Paul Buckmaster Wrong Number / Cole's Second Dream / Dormitory Spider / "Introduccion" (Twin Moons Tango) 3:32
–Charles Olins         Vivisection 1:19
–B.J. Cole*         Sleepwalk 2:23
–Paul Buckmaster "Introduccion" (Escape To Nowhere) / Scanner Room / Capture And Sedation 3:32
–Paul Buckmaster Cole's Third Dream 0:20
–Paul Buckmaster Interrogation / Time Capsule / Cole Kidnaps Railly 4:55
–Fats Domino         Blueberry Hill 2:19
–Louis Armstrong What A Wonderful World 2:18
–Paul Buckmaster Cole's Fourth Dream 0:26
–Link Wray And The Wraymen* Comanche 2:03
–Tom Waits         Earth Died Screaming 3:36
–Paul Buckmaster "Introduccion" (Quest For 12 Monkeys) 4:33
–Paul Buckmaster Fateful Bullet / A Boot From The Trunk / Cole's Longing 3:04
–Paul Buckmaster Photo Search / Mission Brief 1:27
–Paul Buckmaster Back In '96 2:06
–Paul Buckmaster Fugitives / Fateful Love / Home Dentistry 3:22
–Paul Buckmaster "Introduccion" (12 Monkeys Theme Reprise) / Giraffes & Flamingos 1:04
–Paul Buckmaster This Is My Dream / Cole's Call / Louis & Jose 3:13
–Paul Buckmaster Peters Does His Worst 3:51
–Paul Buckmaster Dreamers Awake 3:33

Sunday, June 16, 2019

The from and inspired by the motion picture..various country and gospel artists

Robert Duvall's triple-threat (producer/writer/director) 1997 film about a fundamentalist Texas preacher whose fiery spirituality and good works are nearly unraveled by his decidedly human lusts is remarkable for a number of things--the star's non-judgmental approach to Christianity undercuts easy stereotyping and his choice in music nicely smudges the modern, artificially drawn boundaries between country and gospel. It's a collection of music that shows what rich diversity there is in music that's been largely marginalized by mainstream marketeers. Highlights include Lyle Lovett's rousing "I'm a Soldier In the Army of the Lord," "In the Garden" by Johnny Cash, and The Carter Family returning to their roots on "Waitin' On the Far Bank of Jordan". --Jerry McCulley (Amazon review)

  1. I Will Not Go Quietly - Steven Curtis Chapman
  2. Two Coats - Patty Loveless
  3. I'm A Soldier In The Army Of The Lord - Lyle Lovett
  4. Softly & Tenderly - Rebecca Lynn Howard
  5. There Is A River - Gaither Vocal Band
  6. In The Garden - Johnny Cash
  7. I Love To Tell The Story - Emmylou Harris, Robert Duvall
  8. Waitin' On The Far Side Banks Of Jordan - Carter Family
  9. Victory Is Mine - Sounds Of Blackness
  10. There Is Power In The Blood - Lari White
  11. There Ain't No Grave (Gonna Hold My Body Down) - Russ Taff
  12. I'll Fly Away - Gary Chapman, Wynonna
  13. Softly & Tenderly (Reprise) - Dino Kartsonakis

Friday, June 7, 2019

Meet Joe Black...original motion picture by Thomas Newman

Thomas Newman, one of the finest film score composers of our day, did some of his finest work with Meet Joe Black. Mr. Newman is particularly adept with scoring for large orchestra, especially the string section. With the orchestra he often mixes electronic sounds and exotic instruments, not in some gimmicky way but so seamlessly that there's no way to tell exactly what you're hearing. His forte is large-scale, adagios, slowly played by seemingly endless strings to create moods of melancholy, tenderness or triumph. In the case of this score he also has created themes that hint at the vastness and mystery of the universe, something totally appropriate to the film itself. 

The music of Meet Joe Black is mostly of a sweeping nature, the large orchestral forces totally engulfing the listener in long passages without any apparent pauses, the kind of music one might listen to when looking at a starry sky deep at night. But there's more than that. The "Everywhere Freesia" section plunges the listener into the world of English Pastoral music for a few minutes of delightful reverie. "Fifth Avenue" is a jaunty dancelike piece that features an almost Klezmer-style clarinet. The Finale (That Next Place) is a resoundingly triumphant movement, full of resolution and ending with a gigantic flourish of horns and strings worthy of a Bruckner symphony.

The soundtrack works very well as a stand alone and can be enjoyed without any knowledge of the film. In addition, it varies it's themes often enough and its tracks are long enough to make it easily listenable. ...(Amazon review)