Monday, September 23, 2013

The Joy Luck Club...soundtrack by Rachel Portman

It is difficult to find all the right words for a film score that literally can bring you to tears. That is the result of a brilliant and moving composition of a recurring main theme throughout the soundtrack. Rarely do you find music of its kind that has the ability to tug at the heart strings in such a way as in Portman's score to give you a feeling of inner peace.

The score to THE JOY LUCK CLUB is one of those exquisite gems that you always search for but rarely find. The sweeping music is enough to bring you to the verge of tears; it speaks volumes on love, commitment, and pain. The sountrack is beautiful just as is the movie. It mirrors the Chinese culture with grace and honor. One of the best scores of the 1990s, and for the then relative unknown Rachel Portman, a true hallmark in what was the beginning of a rich career. If you're hungry for a good, dramatic score, and one with Chinese overtures, then this will not disappoint.

1. The Story Of The Swan
2. Escape From Guilin
3. Lindo's Story
4. Best Quaility Heart
5. Upturned Chairs
6. June Meets Her Twin Sisters
7. His Little Spirit Has Flown Away
8. An-Mei's Mother Returns
9. Most Important Sacrifice
10. Tiger In The Trees
11. Lindo's Last Night
12. The Babies
13. An-Mei's New Home
14. Swan Feather
15. End Titles