Thursday, November 27, 2014

As It Is In Heaven (Sa Som I Himmelen)...original soundtrack to Swedish by Stefan Nilsson

This now rare soundtrack was popular when it was released in its native Sweden. It features some beautiful orchestration, choral singing and haunting ballads. 

Nominated for Best Foreign Film at the 2005 Academy Awards®, As It Is In Heaven is the story of Daniel, a successful international conductor who returns to his childhood village in Sweden. Soon thereafter, the local church choir seeks him out to solicit his advice. He can't refuse, and nothing in the village is the same again. As the amateur choir develops and grows, he is drawn to the people of his old hometown, makes friends and finds love... A beautiful and engaging film, As It Is In Heaven is a wonderful story about life and love that inspires and delights.

Friday, November 14, 2014

I Dreamed of Africa..Original composed and conducted by Maurice Jarre

Legendary composer Maurice Jarre's score of "I DREAMED OF AFRICA" is thematic abounding. Some of the finest orchestration and arrangements this icon has ever composed, much of which, we've come to expect from his past music - "LAWRENCE OF ARABIA" (1962) - "DOCTOR ZHIVAGO" (1965) - "A PASSAGE TO INDIA" (1984) - "GORILLAS IN THE MIST" (1988) - "DEAD POETS SOCIETY" (1989) and "SUNSHINE" (2000). Despite this wide variance of emotional range, Jarre expertly incorporates his main theme throughout the score, binding it together as a coherent piece.

The African vocals by Ayub Ogada and Geoffery Oryema are exceptional and the background music is lush and romantic. If you have always dreamed of music of "magnitude", then this soundtrack may suffice. Rustic and enchanting, it has a wonderful ability of letting you picture exactly what the music will fit into in terms of nature....listen to the music and you can picture yourself in a dream-airplane, single propeller, flying through the valleys of amazing beauty.

1. Arrival In Africa
2. Ondiek - Ayub Ogada
3. A Different Rhythm
4. Kel Kweyo - Geoffrey Oryema
5. The Storm
6. Death And Misery
7. Obiero - Ayub Ogada
8. Kuki's Determination

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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Surviving Picasso...1996 original by Richard Robbins

Picasso's art exemplified the often chaotic nature of his emotions and, in turn, the 20th Century. The soundtrack to "Surviving Picasso" is brooding and dark at times. However, it is exactly what the film needs to convey its turbulent message.

Whilst the movie was not meant to be a factual work regarding the Maestro himself, and was more focussed on Francoise's inner struggles, the soundtrack beautifully expresses each character's essence as portrayed in the movie...the ebb and flow of passion and desire, the suffocating swirl of being adored as never before but only as a fleeting moment that repeats itself over and over. The sad trumpet solos, the waning cellos, the majesty of the procession in the final song giving way to breaking free with the knowledge that love is strong but self-preservation triumphs.

1. Grands-Augustins (Main Title)
2. Francoise
3. Menerbes
4. 'You'd Be My Woman'
5. Marie-Therese
6. Cubist Flashback
7. Olga
8. Grandmother
9. Jacqueline
10. Circus
11. Dora
12. La Galloise
13. Vallauris Corrida (End Credits)