Saturday, March 30, 2019

The Last Time I Committed Suicide...1997 film..soundtrack album...various jazz artists

The beginning of everything self indulgent and timeless in the post WWII era of the USA. The music was be-bop jazz, the poetry and prose the written word.

This album, much like the movie that it accompanies, is a brilliant assessment of the Beat Jazz movement of the late 1950's. It draws on a selection of landmark jazz recordings, arranged in an intelligent and enjoyable progression. 

From the beginning of the album, you feel it. The music that shaped a generation and continues to shape generations to come. With the first track, which opens the film, we see a young Neal Cassidy and then from track to track, we see the definition of what the Big Beat really was, not one person and not one philosophy. It was like many things in the 1950's, an explosion of sound and color and possibilities.

Anyone whose ever even heard of Jack Kerouac or Neal Cassidy will dig this one.

  1. Better Get It In Your Soul - Charles Mingus
  2. Straight No Chaser - Max Roach Quartet
  3. Move - Miles Davis
  4. It's A Metaphor - Miles Davis
  5. Sugar Blues - Dianne Reeves
  6. Shaw 'Nuff - Charlie Parker/Dizzy Gillespie
  7. Right Back Where I Started - Charlie Parker/Dizzy Gillespie
  8. A Tisket, A Tasket - Ella Fitzgerald
  9. Sixteen - Thelonious Monk
  10. The Thin Man - Art Blakey And The Jazz Messengers
  11. Woody Wagon - Art Blakey And The Jazz Messengers
  12. Country Girl - Javon Jackson
  13. He May Be Your Man - Dianne Reeves
  14. The Wild Stuff - Dianne Reeves
  15. Heartbreaker - The Andrews Sisters
  16. Budism - Jacky Terrasson
  17. The Suicide Suite (Original Score From The Movie) - Red Fish Blue Fish
  18. Carry On, My Brother - Red Fish Blue Fish
  19. Ride My Heart - Pet

  20. Who Is This? - Pet

Wednesday, March 20, 2019 from the motion picture..original score by Zhao Lin performed by the China National SO

TOGETHER is about a young boy who is a violin prodigy and the soundtrack is one of the most beautiful scores ever released. Some of the selections are absolutely haunting. The movie is moving and insightful as is the music itself.

Babeli (aka Li Chuanyun, aka Chuanyun Li or Chuan-Yuan Li, aka 李傳韻) is the violinist heard throughout the film. (He also plays the part of Xiaochun's rival, Tang Rong.) He was 22 when he recorded this score, but he began studying violin when he was only 3-years-old. His beautiful tone is an absolute wonder to listen to.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Batman Forever...original motion picture composed by Elliot Goldenthal

This is the (not complete) score from the 1995 film. Elliot Goldenthal creates a dynamic and gothic score that easily belongs in any Batman fan's top ten list. His music ranges from eerie and sinister to over-the-top and boisterous, while still capturing the emotions on the screen and conveying them in a manner that is superior to the film itself.  Like much of Goldenthal's resume, this score is very experimental. His work is often compared to other Batman movie composers Danny Elfman and Hans Zimmer, but in my opinion this score outshines them and is an underrated achievement.

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Spirit, Stallion of the from the motion picture..songs by Bryan Adams, music by Hans Zimmer

This version of the soundtrack to the 2002 Dreamworks animated movie is a combination of the songs written and performed by Bryan Adams and part of the original score written by Hans Zimmer.