Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Les Chorsites (The Chorus)..original music from the motion picture...composed and orchestrated by Bruno Coulais

Bruno Coulais is a French born film and television soundtrack composer. In 1997 he won the C‚sar Award for his work on the documentary Microcosmos. Great prominence was given to the music in the film, which was a huge success and made Coulais one of the most sought after composers of French film music. His reputation was again confirmed by the soundtracks to Himalaya (1999) and the worldwide hit, Winged Migration (2001). 

In 2002 he wrote the soundtrack to one of his biggest and most celebrated films The Chorus (Les Choristes), which subsequently became an international smash and was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film, and also won Coulais his third C‚sar Award. In addition the song 'Vois sur ton Chemin (Look to Your Path),' was nominated for an Oscar.