Sunday, December 20, 2015

127 from the motion picture..featuring original music by A.R.Rahman

Original soundtrack to the 2010 film from director Danny Boyle includes a collaboration with composer A.R. Rahman and Dido as well as other instrumental score themes by Rahman, plus classics by Esther Phillips, Plastic Bertrand, and Bill Withers, plus new music from Sigur Rós and Free Blood. The featured new song "If I Rise," is the first collaboration between internationally renowned Grammy, Golden Globe and Oscar winner A.R. Rahman and Dido, the mega platinum two time Grammy Award nominated and 4 time BRIT Award winning British singer and songwriter. The atmospheric and transcendent music score of Academy Award winning composer A.R. Rahman is at the heart and soul of the inspiring new 127 Hours, the true story of Aron Ralston, a trapped mountain climber and his ordeal in the Utah wilderness.

• 1. Never Hear Surf Music Again - performed by Free Blood (5:51)
• 2. The Canyon (3:01)
• 3. Liberation Begins (2:14)
• 4. Touch of the Sun (4:38)
• 5. Lovely Day - performed by Bill Withers (4:16)
• 6. Nocturne No. 2 in E flat, Op. 9 No. 2 - written by Frederic Chopin (4:00)
• 7. Ca Plane Pour Moi - performed by Plastic Bertrand (2:59)
• 8. Liberation in a Dream (4:05)
• 9. If You Love Me (Really Love Me) - performed by Esther Phillips (3:26)
• 10. Acid Darbari (4:20)
• 11. R.I.P. (5:10)
• 12. Liberation (3:11)
• 13. Festival - performed by Sigur Ros (9:24)
• 14. If I Rise - performed by Dido Armstrong and A.R. Rahman (4:37)

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Les Miserables..1998 Film Version Original by Basil Poledouris

Basil Poledouris' musical rendition for Victor Hugo's "Les Miserables" is, quite simply, epic. From the prison quarries to Paris, from the struggle between mercy and justice (Val Jean and Javert), to tenderness and battle (Cosette and the ABC Club), Poledouris has captured it all. The main theme evokes images not only the policeman on the hunt, but the students on the barricade - in one spectacular brass arrangement. A particular favourite is the beginning of track three, where the simplicity of Val Jean and Cosette's relationship (in a delicate flute) is suddenly contrasted with the bustle of the Parisian streets (in bubbling woodwinds and strings).

Poledouris has outdone himself with this composition. His music evokes the crystal style of Ennio Morricone and the cinematic majesty of John Williams. It reflects a conversion from light to dark and completes the painting that is the film. In his composition we hear the brooding of Javert's soul, the love and compassion of Valjean. True to the literary work, both the score and the film focus their attention on the conflict between the redeemed Valjean and the obsessed Javert. The score is insightful on a personal level, allowing the listener the realization that darkness exists in all of us, but that darkness is merely the absense of light, the light of human compassion and love. Superb on a technical level, creatively beautiful, this score makes a fine addition to any personal music library, classical or otherwise.

1. Suite 1, Valjean's Journey: Theme From Les Miserables/The Bishop/Javert/The Quarry
2. Suite 2, Vigau: Javert Suspects/Caring For Fantine/Valjean's Confession/The Death Of Fantine...
3. Suite 3, Paris: Valjean & Cosette/The Wall/Outside/Marius & Cosette/Valjean Remembers
4. Suite 4, The Barricades: Funeral Attack/Valjean Saves Marius/Farewell/Javert's Suicide

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Fahrenheit 9/11 Original by Jeff Gibbs and Various Artists

Michael Moore's indictment of the Bush administration's post-9/11 fear-mongering and rush to war in Iraq was the most unlikely blockbuster of its crucial election year, a human-scaled, deeply patriotic American reflection that became the most successful documentary in history within days of its release. Its soundtrack is arguably the most understated, if shrewdly effective, component of Moore's potent agitprop. 

Composer Jeff Gibbs' brooding synth washes give the score an appropriate center of gravitas, lending an even more ironic tone to the almost obscenely bright pop and rock chestnuts (The Go Go's "Vacation," Joey Scarbury's "Theme From Greatest American Hero," REM's "Shiny Happy People," Elmer Bernstein's timeless theme from The Magnificent Seven) Moore uses to skewer his targets. Perhaps most notable is the chilling use of Arvo Part's Cantus in Memory of Benjamin Britten to underscore the film's stark, restrained evocation of the horrors of 9/11. Neil Young's "Rockin' in the Free World" closes matters out with a blast of bracing, if ever cynical, hope. --Jerry McCulley (Amazon)

1. The Un-President -- Jeff Gibbs
2. Vacation -- The Go-Gos
3. Bush Waits...And Waits- -- Jeff Gibbs
4. Cantus in Memory of Benjamin Britten, for String Orchestra and Bell -- Paavo Jarvi/Estonian National Symphony Orchestra
5. We Gotta Get Out of this Place -- Eric Burdon
6. Weapons of Deceit -- Jeff Gibbs
7. Deserter -- Jeff Gibbs
8. Cocaine -- J.J. Cale
9. Shiny Happy People -- R.E.M.
10. Magnificent Sevent Theme -- Elmer Bernstein
11. Afghan Victory Dance -- Jeff Gibbs
12. Fire Water Burn -- Bloodhound Gang
13. Theme from "Greatest American Hero" -- Joey Scarbury
14. Aqualung -- Jetthro Tull
15. All They Ask -- Jeff Gibbs
16. Rockin' In the Free World -- Neil Young