Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Play It To The Bone - original by various artists...blues, funk, gospel

So, for a boxing movie starring Antonio Banderas and Woody Harrelson you were expecting "Eye of the Tiger" perhaps? Surprisingly, this soundtrack doesn't feature any fist-pumping rock anthems, but rather focuses on sultry, sweaty jams and down-and-out blues that suggest these guys prefer to tango in the ring than land blows. Fishbone serve up "Shakey Ground, " a horn-punctuated groove thing. Kirk Franklin delivers his usual brand of ornate spiritualism with "Gonna Be a Lovely Day." Joe Cocker and B.B.King prefer to spit out the urban blues with plenty of polish on "Dangerous Mood." For a rougher look at the blues, John Lee Hooker's classic "Boom Boom" is presented in all its sloppy precision, while Jimmy Rogers and Linda Jackson crank out pure juke-joint fare. Moby wakes things up with the techno-laden "Machete." Alex Wurman and Jacintha slow things back down with the subtly creeping, gospel-tinged "On the Road" and the closing-time lounge tune "Here's to Life," respectively. --Rob O'Connor (Amazon review)

1 Shakey Ground – Fishbone
2 Gonna Be A Lovely Day – Kirk Franklin
3 Dangerous Mood – Joe Cockerand B.B. King
4 Corazón – Los Lobos
5 Viva La Música – Gipsyland
6 Why Are You So Mean To Me? – Jimmy Rogers
7 I Must Tell Jesus – Linda Hopkins
8 Boom Boom – John Lee Hooker
9 Machete – Moby
10 On The Road – Alex Wurman
11 Here's To Life – Jacintha

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Jenseits der Stille (Beyond Silence)..original music from the film by Niki Reiser

Beyond Silence (German: Jenseits der Stille) is a 1996 German film directed by Caroline Link. The film was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film at the 70th Academy Awards.

The film tells the story of Lara, who grows up as the daughter of deaf parents. Lara herself is hearing and is fluent in sign language. Even as a young child, she serves as an interpreter for her parents in many situations. At Christmas, Lara receives a clarinet from her Aunt Clarissa, an enthusiastic musician. Lara discovers the world of music, where her parents cannot follow her. In the years that follow, Lara is discovered to be a talented clarinet player.

The score is based around a few musical themes (i.e. a love theme, a Lara theme, a togetherness theme). However, these themes are dispersed so nicely, there is never the feeling of listening to the same track several times. The music itself is based around the clarinet (the instrument played by the main character, Lara), the oboe, piano and various stringed instruments. The two vocal tracks "I Will Survive" and "You Were On My Mind" are certainly out of place on the album (and in the movie) and not necessary in my opinion.