Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Cyrano De Bergerac original soundtrack recording - music by Jean-Claude Petit

Released: 1990; Composed By, Directed By, Orchestrated By – Jean-Claude Petit

What makes this soundtrack so engaging is that it resides in the admirable conjunction between sense and expression, poetry and lyricism. Such level of balance demands a total immersion in the script and this factor was fantastically resolved.

The music is gentle, sweeping, adventuresome, and just right for the film. It underscores the movie without calling attention to itself, and accentuates the emotions on the screen. Whether we're witnessing Cyrano fence a loud mouth snooty fop, or defending his beloved Roxanne from the unwanted attentions of another Parisian, the music holds its place, and speaks only when needed.

It's a glamorous and potent musical statement.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019 from the motion by Mark Isham featuring Charles Lloyd and Gary Burton

Composer Mark Isham's growing shelf of soundtracks shows a range from orchestral tone poems to ambient soundscapes and shrewd combinations of score and source music cues. But the trumpeter and synthesizer sculptor remains an ardent Miles Davis fan, his penchant for serene horn lines and cool backdrops consistent since his days with the '70s acoustic fusion band Rubisa Patrol and in Van Morrison's band. 

Isham's long relationship with director Alan Rudolph provides a plum opportunity in the bittersweet context of this romantic feature, and Isham responds with this suave program of cool jazz originals abetted by a stellar band. Charles Lloyd's ripe tenor, Gary Burton's shimmering vibes, Geri Allen's delicate piano, and Sid Page's violin trade spare lines across the drums and bass of Billy Higgins and Jeff Littleton respectively, for a set that stands on its own as atmospheric, intelligent jazz. --Sam Sutherland

Thursday, May 9, 2019

The from the original motion picture by James Horner

This exceptional score by James Horner is at times light hearted, dark, ominous and mysterious,but also uplifting and action filled. There are two songs included, Begin the Beguine and When Your Lover Has Gone, which perfectly capture the feeling of the forties, when the film was set. Even for those of us that didn't live during the 30's/40's, the movie is like a period piece you can enjoy that makes the movie come alive.

James Horner, in the same tradition that Korngold and Williams have done, brings about the heroic march to underscore the excitement and thrill of a man flying through the air wearing a rocket strapped to his back. Without it, the film might be dull and lifeless. But Horner's 2/4 time drums the strains of athletes entering the arena to compete, or the Roman army marching triumphant up the great Apian Way, and we smile at his success.

Main Title / Takeoff 4:30
The Flying Circus 6:30
Jenny 5:10
Begin The Beguine 3:36
Neville Sinclair's House 7:20
Jenny's Rescue 3:20
Rendezvous At Griffith Park Observatory 8:10
When Your Lover Has Gone 3:25
The Zeppelin 8:00
Rocketeer To The Rescue / End Title 6:30

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

The Austin Powers soundtrack collection...grrooovy baby!!

The Austin Powers movies trilogy was big at the box office and made Mike Meyers an International Man of Mystery. The accompanying soundtracks were just as good as the movies with tracks from swinging 60's to the present day with psychedelia, soul, bossa nova, rock and everything in between. A collectors delight and always good to revisit. Here are all three soundtracks in their groovy glory, yeh baby!!

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