Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lone Star Original Soundtrack Various Artists - 1996

Writer-director John Sayles's complex, adult mystery delves deeply into borders at myriad levels, a theme echoed beautifully in this collection of country, blues, norteño, R&B, and folk songs that appear as source cues in the film. Sayles's hand in picking them is evident in terms of both quality and thematic resonance: in a telling gesture, Ivory Joe Hunter's mournful "Since I Met You Baby" is answered with a Spanish cover version, created for the film, featuring Freddie Fender. Whether reinforcing the film's cultural milieu or underlining its emotions, strong performances from Lucinda Williams, legendary Mexican songstress Lydia Mendoza, Little Willie John, Little Walter, and Conjunto Bernal give Lone Star heft far beyond most cinematic song compilations. --Sam Sutherland (Amazon)

1. Mi Unico Camino - Conjunto Bernal
2. Juana La Cubana - Fito Olivares
3. Boogie - Little Walter
4. Sam And Pilar - Duke Levine, Mike Turk
5. You Hurt Me - Little Willie John
6. The Night's Too Long - Lucinda Williams
7. Since I Met You Baby - Ivory Joe Hunter
8. Sabor A Mi - Isidoro Lopez
9. Jurame - Lydia Mendoza
10. Papertrail - Duke Levine
11. My Love Is - Little Willie John
12. Desde Que Conosco - Freddie Fender
13. Lagrimas De Acero - Duke Levine, Evan Harlan, Marshall Wood And Tim Jackson
14. I'm Blue And Lonesome - Duke Levine, Mike Turk, Billy Novick, Marshall Wood And Tim Jackson
15. I Want To Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart - Patsy Montana And The Prairie Ramblers

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