Thursday, November 15, 2012

Performance...original motion picture soundtrack...produced by Jack Nitzsche, feat.Ry Cooder

OST of the movie 'Performance' directed by Donald Cammell and Nicolas Roeg. This eclectic and now RARE soundtrack from the 1970 film was produced by Jack Nitzsche and features contributions from Ry Cooder, Randy Newman, Buffy Sainte-Marie and Mick Jagger. Both Ry Cooder and Randy Newman went on to become excellent film score artists themselves after this one.

A dark, experimental film with the cut-up technique dealing with issue of identity crisis which included graphic depictions of sex, drug use and violence. Warner Bros. studio executives, who believed they were getting a Rolling Stones equivalent of the Beatles 'A Hard Day's Night' (1964), denied the film a cinematic release. 'Performance' was finally released in 1970 after several recuts and changes but is now frequently cited as a classic of British cinema. 

The lyrics of 'Memo From Turner' were re-written for this film and so different than on the Rollings Stones' 'Metamorphosis' LP from 1975. 

According to Colin McCabe (in his book 'Performance') the Moog synthesizer was so new that none were commercially available and a prototype was used for these recordings in 1968 by Bernie Krause.

–Randy Newman Gone Dead Train 2:55
–Merry Clayton & Bernard Krause* Performance 1:47
–Ry Cooder Get Away 2:05
–Ry Cooder Powis Square 2:23
–Bernard Krause* Rolls Royce And Acid 1:47
–Buffy Sainte-Marie Dyed, Dead, Red 2:32
–Jack Nitzsche Harry Flowers 4:00
–Mick Jagger Memo From Turner 4:02
–Ry Cooder & Buffy Sainte-Marie The Hashishin 3:35
–The Last Poets Wake Up, Niggers 2:43
–Bernard Krause* & Merry Clayton Poor White Hound Dog 2:45
–Bernard Krause* Natural Magic 1:37

–Bernard Krause* & The Merry Clayton Singers Turner's Murder 4:15


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