Thursday, February 21, 2013

Evelyn: Music from the Motion Picture by Stephen Endelman

Evelyn: Music from the Motion Picture by Stephen Endelman, Van Morrison, Pierce Brosnan and Sissel (2002)
Pierce Brosnan may have been the most hyped James Bond since Sean Connery, but he's gratifyingly used his burgeoning Hollywood clout to midwife Evelyn, a warm, intimate portrait of an unemployed widower battling both the church and Irish government for the custody of his own children. Composer Stephen Endelman colors the film with a musical mix that leans on traditional Celtic folk touches (fiddle and pennywhistle), skillfully weaving them into an orchestral context that ranges from the gently pastoral to some emotionally detached minimalism. Anchored by vocal performances from Van Morrison and Sissel, and featuring a couple good-natured pub songs by Brosnan himself, it's an inviting soundtrack rooted in Irish traditions, yet one savvy enough to contrast them against a more modern emotional landscape. --Jerry McCulley

1. Sitting On Top Of The World - Van Morrison  
2. Opening Credits  
3. Mom Leaves On St. Stephen's Day  
4. The Nuns
5. The First Judgement  
6. On The Banks Of The Roses - Pierce Brosnan  
7. Desmond Hugs Evelyn  
8. The Chase  
9. The Parting Glass - Pierce Brosnan  
10. D'you Fancy Him?
11. Grandpa's Angel Rays  
12. Fight The Good Fight  
13. Desmond Loses
14. The Rugger Game
15. Jig Two  
16. Statue Of Justice  
17. The Verdict  
18. Angel Rays - Sissel  



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