Thursday, February 6, 2014

Tango: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Lalo Schifrin

While director Carlos Saura employs the eponymous, erotically tinged ballroom dance form both as vehicle and metaphor for his film's storytelling, Argentine composer and film and TV scorer Lalo Schifrin in turn uses the film's score as framework for a rich musical tapestry that stretches from the traditionally familiar ("El Choclo") to the dark, rhythmic fury of his own classical-dance fusion ("La Represion"). 

Schifrin, a six-time Oscar nominee and winner of four Grammy Awards, spent his early career as pianist for tango composing legend Astor Piazzolla; that experience, along with his accomplished classical, film, and jazz work, has informed a score that may both surprise traditionalists with its adventurous diversity and give the rest of us a thrilling introduction to a vibrant musical form that continues to evolve. Interspersed with Schifrin's marvelous original compositions is a generous sampling of traditional tango music from composers such as Piazzolla, Canario, Salgan, and Filiberto. --Jerry

1. Tango del Atardecer Orchestra Ensemble  
2. Calambre Orchestra Ensemble  
3. El Choclo Orchestra Ensemble
4. Tango Bárbaro Orchestra Ensemble  
5. Caminito Orchestra Ensemble  
6. Tango Lunaire Orchestra Ensemble  
7. La Cumparsita Orchestra Ensemble  
8. Recuerdo Orchestra Ensemble  
9. Los Inmigrantes Orchestra Ensemble
10. A Fuego Lento Quinteto Real  
11. Quejas de Bandoneón Orchestra Ensemble  
12. A Juan Carlos Copes Orchestra Ensemble  
13. Nostalgias Juanjo Dominguez  
14. A Don Augustin Bardi Orchestra Ensemble  
15. La Represión Orquesta Filarmonica De Buenos Aires  
16. Flores del alma Viviana Vigil  
17. Picante Orchestra Ensemble  
18. Tango para Percusión Orchestra Ensemble  
19. Corazón de Oro Orchestra Ensemble  
20. Zorro Gris Orchestra Ensemble  
21. La Yumba Orchestra Ensemble
22. Tango del Atardecer (II)Orchestra Ensemble

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