Tuesday, May 20, 2014

In Bruges..original motion picture soundtrack..music by Carter Burwell

Carter Burwell is at the top of his game with this score. In Bruges is a great film to begin with, and the score only adds to this. In perhaps his best work since Fargo, Burwell creates several beautiful themes with a limited range of instruments, and provides an interesting texture to a movie full of interesting textures. Highlights include "Shootout, Pt. 2," which is possibly the best theme on the disc, and "Prologue," which is a wonderfully contemplative piano piece that lets Burwell's wonderfully understated composition shine.

Highly recommended, as the score manages to be an interesting standalone listen, as well as a perfect companion to the film. There are movies where the soundtrack plays on, and it adds to the theme of the movie. Then there are movies, where the soundtrack adds nothing. And then, there are movies where the soundtrack more than adds to the movie. The soundtrack of "In Bruges" must fall in the third category.

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