Monday, June 16, 2014

Snake Eyes Original Score by Ryuichi Sakamoto

Depending on your viewpoint, director Brian De Palma has been frequently lauded/taken to task for liberally appropriating the stylistic flourishes of other directors. And if De Palma's biggest "inspiration" on Snake Eyes is Alfred Hitchcock, the director found an admirable, if unlikely, semblance of frequent Hitchcock collaborator Bernard Herrmann in Ryuichi Sakamoto. Though better known for more delicate, electronic, and ethnically tinged work, here Sakamoto does a truly amazing Herrmann impression, cranking up the brass and swirling the strings into an unsettling sonic maelstrom that would've done late '50s Hitch proud.

Snake Eyes instantly begins with an awesome theme played out on lush violins. It echoes Bernard Herrmann classic scores to Hitchcock movies. Usually when a score imitates another movie it doesn't stand on its own. But the Snakes Eyes score manages to come into its own and still be original. Sakamoto's score ends with the beautiful 'Snake Eyes-Long Version'. It's a shame that this came out in the modern day. If this score accompanied a classic movie it would have been well-remembered. It is an alternately fun and lush score to De Palma's underrated and visually stunning film. Sakamoto's haunting theme (best on extended track 11) is a loving tribute to Morricone and Herrmann and the cheesy '70s gangster film thrill/scare cuts are a treat. Also includes 2 vocal tracks by Meredith Brooks and LaKiesha Berri.

1. Snake Eyes
2. Assassination
3. The Hunt
4. Julia's Story #1
5. Tyler And Serena
6. Kevin Cleans Up
7. You Know Him
8. Blood On The Medals
9. Crawling To Julia
10. The Storm
11. Snake Eyes(Long Version)
12. Sin City - Meredith Brooks
13. The Freaky Things - LaKiesha Berri

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