Friday, August 22, 2014

The Fisher King: Original Motion Picture by George Fenton

This is my tribute to the late Robin Williams. One of his more eccentric and maybe underrated roles and a soundtrack to match.

"Well, maybe Pinocchio's not a true story", like Jeff Bridges/Jack Lucas says in one of the scenes, but this is the fine soundtrack album for one of the finest movies of the 90s. It has it all: the original score by maestro George Fenton, the pop numbers from the era, some standards from the past and even some bits from the original dialogues! Also you can enjoy actors Williams and Jeters performing two tracks. If you loved the movie, you'll love the album and if you're a fan of Terry Gilliam's,..well, say no more!

1. Intro: The Jack Lucas Radio Show - Jeff Bridges
2. Chill Out Jack - Trip
3. Pet Peeves - Jeff Bridges/Caroline Cromelin
4. I'm Sorry - Brenda Lee
5. Sunrise Confession - Jeff Bridges/Christian Clemenson
6. The Power/Sign Off - Chill Rob G/Jeff Bridges
7. I Wish I Knew - John Coltrane
8. How About You - Harry Nilsson
9. The Grand Central Waltz - George Fenton
10. The Story Of The Fisher King - George Fenton
11. Jack Meets Perry - George Fenton
12. Everything's Coming Up Videos ('Some People/Rose's Turn') - Michael Jeter
13. An Evening Out (Includes 'Lydia The Tatooed Lady') - George Fenton/Robin Williams
14. Quest For The Grail - George Fenton
15. The Red Knight Suite - George Fenton
16. How About You (Swing Version) - George Fenton

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