Sunday, September 7, 2014

Killing Zoe Original Soundtrack ... music by tomandandy

The film "Killing Zoe" tells the tale of an American safe cracker who becomes romantically involved with a prostitute and is then caught up in a Paris bank robbery in which heroin sends the whole plan crashing down. The score behind the film is mind blowing and intriguing, playing a continuous line of trippy, acid-like trance blended with constantly twisting and bending industrial synth-music.

Every track serves its purpose, from the fast-paced, slap bass opening track of "Go!", through the trance-like and haunting "Entering The Bank", winding all the way down to the uplifting "Flying Home".

Tomandandy are some of the best mixers and trance artists on the scene, and its a shame that this album, as well as the majority of their remixes, go so unheard of. The way some of the tracks on here start out mellow and then snap into adrenaline-pumping techno speeds is a real rush, especially in "Red Drugs", "Entering The Bank", and "But You Must". The more mellow tracks serve for a trippy, dazed, almost acid-tripping influence, particularly on "Clarinets", "Ambient Dixie", and "Canaan". Other than that the rest of the tracks are just plain bizarre and a wild ride, especially "Safe Heroin".

1. Go! (Opening)
2. Red Drugs
3. Z Names
4. Entering The Bank (With Romance Remix By...)
5. Clarinets
6. Safe Heroin (Disco 2000 Remix By DJ Keoki)
7. The Assembler
8. Gold
9. But You Must (Brothers In Rhythm Remix By Rhythm Method)
10. Ambient Dixie
11. Canaan

12. Flying Home

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