Saturday, November 8, 2014

Surviving Picasso...1996 original by Richard Robbins

Picasso's art exemplified the often chaotic nature of his emotions and, in turn, the 20th Century. The soundtrack to "Surviving Picasso" is brooding and dark at times. However, it is exactly what the film needs to convey its turbulent message.

Whilst the movie was not meant to be a factual work regarding the Maestro himself, and was more focussed on Francoise's inner struggles, the soundtrack beautifully expresses each character's essence as portrayed in the movie...the ebb and flow of passion and desire, the suffocating swirl of being adored as never before but only as a fleeting moment that repeats itself over and over. The sad trumpet solos, the waning cellos, the majesty of the procession in the final song giving way to breaking free with the knowledge that love is strong but self-preservation triumphs.

1. Grands-Augustins (Main Title)
2. Francoise
3. Menerbes
4. 'You'd Be My Woman'
5. Marie-Therese
6. Cubist Flashback
7. Olga
8. Grandmother
9. Jacqueline
10. Circus
11. Dora
12. La Galloise
13. Vallauris Corrida (End Credits)

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