Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Travelling Birds...original by Bruno Coulais...rare release

This now rare soundtrack from the acclaimed 2001 documentary by Jacques Perrin "Travelling Birds" (also known as "Winged Migration" or "Le Peuple Migrateur") is a treat for soundtrack enthusiasts or music aficionados in general.

French composer Bruno Coulais has created beautiful, soul-stirring music that not only perfectly accompanies the images on the screen but stands alone as a musical creation that improves on repeated listens . Some of the tracks make you feel like you're one of the birds flying across the world and taking flight with them as they make their journey. Also includes tracks by Nick Cave, Robert Wyatt, A Filetta and Gabriel Yacoub.

1. To Be By Your Side - Nick Cave
2. Masters Of The Field - Robert Wyatt
3. Northern Bound
4. The Crossing
5. The Highest Gander - Robert Wyatt
6. Beating Drums
7. The Return Of The Cranes
8. The Blue Thread
9. The Red Forest - Robert Wyatt
10. Like A Breath Of Air - A Filetta
11. The Takeoff
12. Amidst The Factory Smoke
13. The Glider
14. After The Hunt
15. The Paper Parrot
16. The Swans Flight
17. Feathers And Stripes
18. The Wounded Dove - Gabriel Yacoub
19. Off Camera

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