Monday, April 16, 2018

Exils..original motion picture by Tony Gatlif

The score from Tony Gatlif's 2004 film, "Exils", about Roma people. In this distinctive film we meet a young French couple: he is ethnically French, she is Arab, but both had Algerian ancestors, and the movie follows them after they spontaneously decide to abandon Paris and investigate their roots. The couple are presented in the film as very sensual, and the music and images that surround (and define) them are shared also by the viewer. The film touches on some interesting ideas, notably the not always chosen trade-off between freedom and belonging, and ends with a remarkable extended sequence depicting an Arab ritual of personal abandonment that bears comparison to (and is in fact more disturbing than) anything from 'The Exorcist'.

The soundtrack utilises Roma Gypsies music as per previous Tony Gatlif productions like Latcho Drom. Exciting and exotic, the music takes you on a world music journey that entices and delights.

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