Sunday, July 19, 2020

Welcome to from the motion my Mark Mothersbaugh

2003 release scored by Mark Mothersbaugh (founder of Devo), with two smooth pop standards contributed by Paolo Conte

  1. –Paolo Conte     Via Con Me    
  2. –Mark Mothersbaugh     He Needs A Mullinski    
  3. –Mark Mothersbaugh     Know A Safecracker?    
  4. –Toledo Polkamotion     You And Me    
  5. –Mark Mothersbaugh     Cosimo's Funeral    
  6. –Mark Mothersbaugh     Pero's Hot Tip    
  7. –Mark Mothersbaugh     Swagger Theme    
  8. –Mark Mothersbaugh     Who's On The Line    
  9. –Mark Mothersbaugh     Pipe Dance    
  10. –Mark Mothersbaugh     Too Much Red    
  11. –Mark Mothersbaugh     Snappy Puppy    
  12. –Mark Mothersbaugh     Meet Love    
  13. –Mark Mothersbaugh     Maybe It's You    
  14. –Mark Mothersbaugh     Cosimo Escapes    
  15. –Paolo Conte                Come Di    
  16. –Mark Mothersbaugh     Goodbyes

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