Friday, September 11, 2020

The Last of the Mohicans original motion picture by Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman


The score for Michael Mann's Last of the Mohicans is one of the most acclaimed works of modern film music. Composed by Trevor Jones and Randy Edelman, these 16 tracks wonderfully convey the scope and majesty of the Academy Award winning film. Features "I Will Find You" by Clannad.

The reason that there are two composers is that co-writer/director Michael Mann originally tasked Jones with composing and performing an electronic score, then realized late in the production process that an orchestral score would work better for a historical epic such as The Last of the Mohicans. Rushed to compose a new score, Jones didn't have time to finish scoring the movie, so Edelman was brought in to compose a handful of pieces. Mann ended up having it both ways, as Jones provided an orchestral score and Edelman a mostly electronic one.

                                           The Last of the Mohicans




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