Monday, January 11, 2021

East of Everything (TV series) soundtrack by Machine Translations and various artists


soundtrack from Australian TV series "East of Everything" with original music by Machine Translations (J Walker) and various folk/indie artists.

1-1     –Machine Translations     A Most Peculiar Place    
1-2     –Machine Translations     Art Comes Home    
1-3     –Howlin' Wind     Road To Agra    
1-4     –Azo Bell     Long Road    
1-5     –Art Of Fighting     Reasons Are All I Have Left    
1-6     –The Church     Under The Milky Way    
1-7     –Lior     This Old Love    
1-8     –Mia Dyson     Choose    
1-9     –Juzzie Smith     Weather    
1-10     –Azo Bell     Spiderwalk    
1-11     –Sara Tindley     Waza    
1-12     –Jen Cloher & The Endless Sea     Better Off Dancing    
1-13     –Machine Translations     Trailer Music    
1-14     –Machine Translations     Best Office In The World    
1-15     –Machine Translations     Art And Eve's Theme    
1-16     –Sime Nugent & The Forefathers     Something Else    
1-17     –Jesse Younan     Forever    
1-18     –Machine Translations     Bev Comes Home 

2-1     –Custom Kings     Something Burning    
2-2     –Jackie Marshall      Fresh Meat    
2-3     –Sara Tindley     Heart It Was A Desert    
2-4     –Andrew Kidman     Blood On Your Shadow    
2-5     –Machine Translations     Eve's Confusion    
2-6     –Machine Translations     Horse Story Pts 1 & 2    
2-7     –Marshall And The Fro     Get Up (Raise Your head)    
2-8     –Machine Translations     Art On The Rocks    
2-9     –Machine Translations     Don't Give Up On Me ... Just Yet    
2-10     –Jesse Younan     Queeny    
2-11     –King Curly     What A Beautiful Day    
2-12     –Sara Tindley     House By The Sea    
2-13     –Sime Nugent & The Forefathers     The Undertow    
2-14     –Machine Translations     Court Scene    
2-15     –Juzzie Smith     Happy Daze    
2-16     –Andrew Kidman     Light Inside Of You    
2-17     –Sara Tindley     Somewhere    
2-18     –G. Wayne Thomas     Mourning Of The Earth


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