Sunday, August 11, 2013

La Femme Nikita: Original Motion Picture by Eric Serra

This is one Eric Serra soundtrack in which each track not only fits the scenes in the film perfectly but also evoke images of rich visuals and emotions for the listener. Serra is at his best with this pounding, exciting soundtrack that is a mixture of deep bass, offbeat guitar chords and the beautiful alto sax of Gilbert Dall'Anese. It makes a great listen for writing, driving, or activities where you need some adrenalin flowing!

The sleevenotes give little away, besides saying that the music is performed by the mysterious RXRA, presumably a Parisian studio band. The whole soundtrack has a metallic, late 80s feel to it. There are Lyle Mays-like synthesizer flutters here and there, but it otherwise seems wonderfully disconnected from the rest of the world, in the way that so much French music is.

1. Rico's Gang Suicide
2. Playing On Saucepans
3. As Cold As Ice
4. The Sentence
5. Paradise
6. Failed Escape
7. Learning Time
8. A Smile
9. Fancy Face
10. First Night Out
12. The Last Time I Kiss You
13. The Free Side
14. I Am On Duty
15. Josephine And The Big Dealer
16. Mission In Venice
17. Fall
18. Let's Welcome Victor
19. Last Mission
20. We Will Miss You
21. The Dark Side Of Time

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